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It is a way of reliable with the good cost delivery.Transportation by sea is considered to be the most effective method of delivery according its price and quality. This way of transportation is the longest delivery method which might last from 40 to 60 days. Cargo has to be transported only by containers.
This way of transportation allows to deliver goods anywhere over the country providing the best cost and time of delivery. Transportation by rail comes the first one in the price matter. Using this kind of transportation you can send any goods including perishables and oversized cargo as well.
It is a great way of fast delivery in the eastern regions and stable transportation across Russia. Road transportation can be recommended to the companies that receive a pre-planned systematic supply from China and supply of special or fragile goods.
Sending samples or goods with low weight is as simple as large loads. We accept origin, even if the weight of the load - from 100 grams to 2 kg
Sending goods with light weight is as simple as samples or goods with large weight. We will transport the goods even if their weight from 100 grams to 2 kg.
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The algorithm of our work.

The goal of all our actions aimed at providing of convenience for your business.
You will find a reliable partner and ease of doing business with China when you deal with our company.

Among thousands of production sources we find the one that suits you best. We take care of all the complexity of price negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers that you might face.

According to your request we make the requirements for manufacturer, check the production processes and provide objective and accurate information for you afterwards.

After productive negotiations and achieving a mutual agreement on all matters (quantity, price, payment terms, packaging, shipping, etc.), we make a contract with the manufacturer.

We provide thorough check of quality requirements for the specific products and compare the actual data of quality to defined one.

We undertake the preparation of all necessary legal documents for the transportation, the organization of all the operations to move cargo to the final destination.

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You will find full information about approved manufacturers of the most popular commodities according to experts’ and analysts’ opinion of our company.

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